iTracer MPPT regelaar 60 A - 12/24/36/48 Volt
iTracer MPPT regelaar 60 A - 12/24/36/48 Volt

iTracer MPPT regelaar 60 A - 12/24/36/48 Volt

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iTracer 60A, 150V input (6415ND)

Professional MPPT controller is used to control the flow of energy from the solar panel or
power source to batteries and appliances.
It runs with the system voltages at 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V and currents up to 60A.
Type: eTracer 60A, Input 150V (6415ND).
Operating voltage can be set on the controller according to the used batteries to set the right
protection against battery overcharge and discharge.
The controller can be used even with LiFeYPO4 batteries.

The controller is also possible to set the time at which the appliance is switched off after sunset.
Suitable for lighting applications.

The main advantage is the use of the latest technology MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking),
which occurs due to increased efficiency of the system by 30%.

MPPT technology for maximum energy supplied from the PV panel so that chooses consumption
in operating point with maximum output power.
This point is continuously monitored and maintained.
This is compensated for all the effects that otherwise when charging from PV modules contribute
to reduced efficiency PV system such as temperature change, different illumination, etc.

1. 12/24/36/48V auto work
2. Advanced MPPT technology
3. Several seconds tracking speed
4. High Tracking efficiency of 99%
5. Multiphase synchronous rectification technology
6. Peak conversion efficiency of 98%
7. DSP&ARM processors architecture ensures high speed and performance
8. Multifunction LCD displays system data and status
9. Three kinds of communication ports: RS232, CAN BUS AND Ethernet
10. Three stages charging optimizes battery performance
11. Software update by users

Electronic protections:
1. PV array short circuit
2. Over charging
3. PV over current
4. PV reverse polarity
5. Battery reverse polarity
6. Overheating protection

Description Parameter
Nominal System Voltage 12/24/36/48V Auto work
Rated Charge Current 60A
Voltage range 9--64V
Max. Solar Input Voltage 150VDC
Max. PV input power 12V / 800W 24V / 1600W 36V 2400W 48V 3200W
Self-consumption* 1.4~2.2W
Grounding Negative
Terminal 35mm2
Enclosure IP20